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April and Tim share their love of movies and each other with their listeners. A pair of movie fanatics, having seen over 3,500 movies together, April and Tim bring their unique perspective and that of their genders to their movie reviews. What started as movie reviews for family and friends has grown in the He Said, She Said Movie Reviews Podcast. Sit back, relax and enjoy the show.

Tim and April have been married for 30 years, have one daughter (Hope) who is now one of the youngest sportswear designers at Adidas. They also have two dogs, Noel and Lulu. The story of how April and Tim met can be found in the book Chicken Soup for the College Soul.


About the Hosts

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Host and Movie Lover

April is a retired business executive that now provides key-note speaking, training and coaching. She is very involved in philanthropy and volunteers time helping our young adults with achieving their dreams. April’s first favorite memories of the movies was going to see Where the Red Fern Grows with her family at a drive-in movie theater in North Carolina.

Some of April's favorite movies are:

• Good Will Hunting
• A Few Good Men
• GI Jane
• Baby Boom
• Working Girl
• Hidden Figures
• Same Kind of Different as Me
• The Blind Side
• Remember the Titans
• Gone Girl

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Host, Editor, Producer, Sound Guy and All Around Super Dude

Tim is a database programmer and movie fanatic. His love for movies came about when he lived in Argentina for a year, in high school, and his host family owned a movie theater. When not napping, he would spend siesta time at the theater watching movies. (One of the few air conditions buildings in the town at the time). Most of the movies were in English with Spanish sub-titles. The first movie Tim can remember seeing was Disney’s The Jungle Book,
Some of Tim’s favorite movies are:
• Glory
• The Usual Suspects
• Reservoir Dogs
• Predator
• Aliens
• Django Unchained
• Rudy
• Lord of the Rings
• Selma
• Ladyhawke