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Our Rating System

Our Rating System:

We figured that the World needed another Five Star rating system!  So, we decided not to reinvent the wheel.  Everyone gets and understands how it works.  Our ratings are slightly different as we are only rating the movie on whether we enjoyed the movie and were we entertained by the film.  We will leave the technical aspects of the movie industry to other, more qualified professionals.



Five Stars:

This is a cream of the crop rating. For us, this movie has to be one of the best. We have to walk out of the theater, saying to ourselves, “Dang, that was really great! We need to tell everyone about that film.” A Five Star movie is a must see in the theater type of movie that you will be totally glad you got the sitter, spent $120 on dinner, got the extra-large soda and popcorn and spent the time with whomever you went with.  You will leave the movie with a total sense of awe, having been entertained, and you will be thinking about the movie for days to come.

Four Stars:

Hey, they can’t all be Five Stars! A Four Star movie is a solid movie.  A film that will entertain you and you will thoroughly enjoy and recommend to your friends. You might not want to drop $120 on dinner, but a nice meal at TGI Fridays might just do the trick, it’s definitely a date night kind of flick.

Three Stars:

This is your average movie.  It will entertain you.  If you want, stop by McDonald’s get a couple of cheeseburgers and go see this at a matinee.  It’s okay if you missed this in the theater, a Three Star Movie will make a great Movie Night at home.

Two Stars:

Wait for video, see this on Netflix or Amazon Prime, or Pay-per-view.  Better yet, wait for it to be free.  Grab some microwave popcorn and enjoy the show.

One Star:

Just say no, don’t do it. Even if it is two in the morning and you are bored out of you mind and you run across this movie while channel surfing.  Go watch an Infomercial, you will be better off.  A One Star is a real Human Centipede type of movie.  You have been warned.